North Yorkshire LETS Application Form

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By submitting this form I am making a request to join North Yorkshire LETS and am willing to pay a joining fee when requested. I understand that there will also be a maintenance fee of 1 Rose per month, taken annually.

On behalf of my business or organisation I am happy to pay the £25 joining fee I can afford the individual £12 joining fee I am on a low income, and would like to take the option of paying to join half in Roses instead of all in sterling.

I do not object to my membership and account details being held on a database, and I consent to these details (except for my street address) being made available online to other members. I understand that once I have access to my online account, I will be able to post my Offers and Wants and carry out transactions via the web-based system.

I have read and accept the LETS Constitution and Agreement.

I am willing to help with the running of the scheme by doing administrative work, supporting enrolment and/or management of accounts for members near me who are not online, and helping to organise local events.

Please write in this box details of your own circumstances or information about your organisation, centre or project, previous experience with LETS and similar schemes, whether you will need help, or can give help to others in accessing the internet, and key Offers in relation to helping run the scheme.

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