About LETS groups in the Northeast

Local Exchange Trading is a Mutual Credit system. This means that members of the group agree to credit each other for goods and services from their own accounts in the system (without the need to borrow from a bank), so a currency is created between them. It's not a profit-making venture, its purpose is to support a self-help network.

For existing groups which have their own online systems, currently Richmondshire LETS and Nidderdale LETS, this website is a way for those groups to contact each other and create listings to advertise goods and services on behalf of their members which might be of interest to people outside the immediate neighbourhood. People who don't have an established group nearby may also join direct, which is also an option that may be offered to members of existing groups.

Each group which is part of North Yorkshire LETS responds to enquiries and enrols members locally. Organisers provide support to individuals, keep in touch with each other, and collaborate in maintaining the health of the overall system. For further information follow links on the sidebar to Events/News etc, and if you would like to join, please go to the Application Form.